Your BIG Questions

Which are the BIG questions that you expect to discuss at Multicore World 2018?

(Taken from your registration form)

Updated 6 February 2018

  • How can we restore reproducibility?
  • How do we take potential into reality…
  • HPC and Business Versus Fidelity
  • What are the requirements and implications of HPC/BD/ML’s convergence for system software?
  • What are the implications of widely heterogeneous computing on system software
  • How will future HPC hardware look like?
  • Scalability of compute and storage resources within New Zealand versus cloud-based resources
  • The end of Moores Law (or Moores Law going backwards)
  • Death of the POSIX file-system
  • How does IoT and Computing on the Edge influence HPC?
  • Blockchain will be an interesting topic even if it’s a short-lived one.
  • The state of AI and how it influences developments in HPC
  • “Blockchain” -a huge buzzword, interested on how much of it is hype versus how much lasting potential the technology will have.
  • Panel on Meltdown/Spectre: for some workloads, these chip design flaws effectively dialed back a modest amount of progress.
  • Privacy, Human Rights, and Ethics in the Big Data era
  • Discuss specific niche workloads where Meltdown resulted in a large performance penalty as well, or if the impact is most severely limited to custom-tailored, worst-case-scenario benchmarks.


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